Sunday, 13 October 2013

It's just algebra.

I usually don't understand math, but I guess I understand a bit of algebra. For example I know that when you are given an equation that is equal to x you find what x is. Sometimes it's easy to find, sometimes it's hard, sometimes you just skip the question and sometimes you use the answer sheet or ask for help. Two years ago in math we always had these sheets of algebra we had to do. Our teacher called them math pun sheets.  Basically the sheets had a bunch of algebra equations ranging from easy to hard, for every answer there were letters,  that in the end would make a pun or a so called joke. The funny part how bad the jokes were. 

I find this a great example for a bucket list. A bunch of goals or x's that together equal something. Life. Leaving anything that equals to x being the steps. Sometimes doing the steps are hard, sometimes they are easy, sometimes we just skip a step which can lead to not achieving the goal and sometimes we just need a little help achieving the goal. 

I mean how exactly are we going to know the steps to get somewhere if we don't know what x is, my dad sometimes says to achieve the highest possible then pick from all the options, but for some people like me that just isn't enough motivation. 

So I created a bucket list, somewhere I can write down goals that in the end will make up my life. Though I didn't write the steps, I still know them. So go on, create a bucket list, share it with me, who knows, we could achieve something together. Who knew math could teach us about goals and life. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Well you probably didn't know this about me, but I speak a little German. One of my favorite letters in German is "ß". It's kind of two "s"'s put together. So anyway i'm not writing this post because I like letters in German. I'm starting from scratch, from white, creating a new canvas. Today I was lucky enough to present a little about this blog and my blogging experience. As I was scrolling through I realized two things. One I haven't posted in way too long and two, the colors and theme were getting old.

So i'm starting fresh. I will have the blog black and white, with plain fonts and a very simple template. This will be my base as I once again develop this sharing space.

Finally, thanks to everyone who made Learning 2 such a wonderful experience, I learn't so much and have so many ideas for future projects. Hope to keep in touch with all the other young tech lovers I met over the weekend!

Never stop creating!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Not The Pre-Cooked Meat

Spam, I'm not talking about the pre-cooked meat Spam. But a form of spamdexing. Spam in blogs known as blog spam has interfered with my intentions of this blog. Over the past months continuos comments talking about "Free Minecraft Codes!!" have kept recurring. I have been looking for a way to solve this problem and unfortunately the only way is to turn off comments for the blogging is like Minecraft post. Anyway on a good note, I will be posting more regularly as I am not that busy anymore. A new post is on its way!

Until then keep creating!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer Reading Challenge: II

What a great book! I really liked the book, not so much the beginning but yeah it was good. But I won't go to much in detail about the book maybe in another post. Also on a side note South Africa was amazing! Best trip I have ever been on! Apologies this post took so long but I might have forgotten about it :). Anyways...

After reading the book I found it mostly to be on Norwegian politics. You might disagree but the reason I think it is, is because it went on forever.... I couldn't get past it until boom the real plot hits hard. So for my next part of this challenge I'll be watching a movie about segregation. Why? You might ask, well because just after I finished reading the book I watched a few clips about the Zimmerman case. But firstly I want to put it out there that I am not watching a movie about segregation because I think Zimmerman's actions were racist. I doing it because from the clips I watched it accrued to me that a lot of people did find his actions racist. What I think about it? Well I see it as being tied in with so much, gun control,  racism, human rights, politics and protests. But thats for another day. 

So I'll end this post by saying that I don't actually know what movie I'll be watching but I should get to that sooner or later :). Bye for now!

Keep Creating! 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Stories We Love To Hear

We Love To Hear
 As humans we relate to stuff. We express feelings and feel expressions. Especially to common moods and feelings. In movies there are always some we can relate to and thats how we feel connected to them. Sometimes we pick the movies we want to see from the theme or genre. Some of these common themes are Acceptance, Courage and Peace. Of course thats 3 out of a lot but theres even more than you think because themes overlap most of the time for example a movie a choose for a theme categorizing project. Some slides from this project.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

When The Work Stops

The sound of the pop in the springs beneath the keys as I type, the rusty take in of air that echoes down my throat till it reaches my lungs. The thousands of pixels generating images.

The images, of work.

Blood vains, the same colour as the Scarlet Red Crayola crayon on my desk, brighten faster then my fingers can type. The white in my eyes without delay changes to red as if they have just been painted by a child with too much paint on their messy paintbrush.

But I still work.

A roll of the wrist cracks not even a countable number of knuckles and joints. It doesn't hurt but what does hurt is the sound of the hand still ticking.

But I still keep typing.

The hand screams what I do not listen to as I still continue to work. Eye lids close yet they take long to pull their weight back. Red wine surrounding my pupil reveals a mirror of my screen.

But hands keep moving,

Until, moving hand doesn't move no more and the rust is longer there. The aching weight of the lids are just too heavy to lift up again.

The work stops.

The next night is to come. My hand but is still numb.

Saukerl, Pig Boy

Saukerl, The Pig Boy as he is called by Liesel. Rudy Steiner, the lemon-sunshine haired boy. Rudy is ten years old when he if first introduced. Rudy has very bony legs - "He has bony, legs, sharp teeth, gangly blue eyes, and hair the colour of lemon." pg. 48. Rudy is someone who doesn't think before doing something, even though he knows he will get into trouble, he will still do it and forget about the getting in trouble part. Sometimes he is thought to be crazy although thats mainly because of what was called the "Jesse Owens Incident". Jesse Owens is one of Rudy stars, a runner in the olympics. "It was 1936. The Olympics. Hitler's games. Jesse Owens had just completed the 4 X 100m relay and won his fourth gold medal. Talk that he was subhuman because he was lack and Hitler's refusal to shake his hand were touted around the world. Even the most racist Germans were amazed with the efforts of Owens, and the world of his feat slipped through the cracks. No one was more impressed than Rudy Steiner." pg. 56 Rudy decided to become Jesse Owens for a bit so he smeared charcoal on himself and began running around, that was till his dad saw him and told him off. He mentioned that if their was one thing that Nazi's hated the most it was Jews, as well as "Blacks".

From reading about Rudy I think that Rudy and Liesel are beginning to bond as friends also Death mentioned in the book that they will soon become friends. Rudy has tried to kiss Liesel by wining a bet but it ended up being a draw, and Liesel said it doesn't count. 

Rudy has been developing his character through out the book so far, I really want to know where it goes because at the moment I don't know enough to make any judgements on what will happen next.