Thursday, 20 September 2012

Building My Castle On Vignettes

As I build a castle with my vignettes in English class. I start with the hut and continue to upgrade. I will post the upgrades to show the progress that goes on in english class with my vignettes.

1. The Hut

Amazing isn’t it, the way everyone thinks differently about it. The way people walk past and connect to not only themselves but to their friends and family too. Sometimes happy sometimes sad but whatever the mood it has a meaning. Never pointless never bad. Never wrong and never weird. Just different. You feel you hear, you taste, you smell but what makes it so emotional is the way you see. You see bright, you see dark, you see cold, you see hot. What do I see? I see art. As I watch the painters paint and the sculptors sculpt. I connect, I become a huge chest full of memories. Waiting for my turn to make art. To open the chest and let out what should be shared with the world. But the personal side stays as it continues to develop my personality...

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