Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Future Of Housing Is In Our Hands

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"In the CityHome these transformations allow you to live within a small footprint without sacrificing functionality or pleasure." MIT Media Lab

I start with a quote, that quote being a goal. A goal for the 21st Century. In the near future housing with the amount of space we use now will no longer be sustainable. As there won’t be sufficient space for other activities people do daily. Migration also comes into mind when we think about space as people are moving faster than ever to the city. As a matter of fact  I and many others are part of this new generation and I believe that this is our decision, being the next generation to take the next steps to accomplishing goals that will keep this world going. 

The Changing Places is a project, being taken on by the MIT Media Lab is an idea that I find to be extremely fascinating. The problem is that very soon too much space will be used as housing which takes away space for other things, such as areas for activities that we do. The CityHome project comes under the Changing Places idea and hopes to achieve a day where countries around the world use the the CityHouse plan.

The plan of CityHouse project is simple yet complicated. The main idea is to reduce the amount of space needed for one person to live in. They plan to use a small space so that it has a smaller footprint but the house is still functional and pleasurable. Giving the same amount of space to people won’t exactly change the space people use. Unless you make people live in a small area. Not too small but only big enough to make it comfortable and functional. Looking at the size of the city house may make you think that its too small but after watching the incredible moving walls it is clear that there is a reason for the CityHouse being so small. Its because the rooms have so many possibilities so them.

The plan for the CityHouse rooms are immensely high-tech as they will be able to move my click of a button in the house or even elsewhere on a smartphone. Although the entire house won’t be mechanic as there will be various households such as chairs and foldable tables that will need to be moved by people themselves. Since the walls are mechanic and are in houses where things can be left around and children may not be aware of the moving walls MIT Media Lab have created a sensor that will detect if anything is in front of the moving wall if this is true the sensor will trigger the wall to stop.

Ok, so the house itself is amazing and extremely high-tech so covers the functionality but there is still the pleasure side to it and to do this MIT Media Lab have come up with an idea that will help customers to customize and personalize there living experience in the CityHome. There is a short section of the video where MIT Media Lab show an example of this app in use. Using information supplied from this video and there website I found that the app focus on what type of person you are and tries to fit your criteria to a setting for the house layout. For example a businesses man would make one of rooms a study/office and a photographer may setup a photo studio. The app also lets you choose colours and items that you want not only in the room but also in the moving walls.

To conclude, The Changing Places idea and project is a fascinating project as it may change the way we live in a few years. But the most interesting thong about CityHomes is that the take such a small footprint but are still functional and comfortable. What will you choose to live in? A CityHome with a small footprint or a regular home with a bigger footprint. Its our future lets shape it the best way we can!


For More about the CityHome watch this very short video! (Very Interesting!)

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