Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What If?

What if you met the person next to you in 20 years? What if you lived next to the person you last talked to? What if you married the person next to you? What was the last thing you said to that person? What is the last thing you did around or to that person?

What does that person think of you? You may or you may not know but to say the hard truth if your human you aren't perfect. But no one is! What matters is what you think you are! But that doesn't mean that you can't change.

A wise teacher once said "If you open your umbrella and rain falls on you it doesn't mean that its raining around you."

So close that umbrella look around you, or think about how other people feel when they are around you. If you go around with only that umbrella open how will you know what the outside world is like. 

I could write an entire story about how people feel, but I still don't know! After 12 years of being alive I still learn about other people and I walk with my arms open ready for anything thrown at me. The fact is that it all depends on What you do because that effects not only yourself but the people around you too.

I guess i'll finish with another question because thats what I believe is right!

What if that "geek over there" will become your boss one day?

I was going to finish on that but I was eagerly going to add this one question but I didn't want to write it without talking about it.

What if that person died tomorrow? 

Now that question isn't supposed to make you feel bad or make you cry but personally I think its an ok way to think maybe not dying but at least what if you never saw or talked to that person again. I assure you if you think that way you will see a change in your relationship because you and that person will leave thinking positively. 

I hate just leaving fights because I think that about "what would happen if I never got to see that person again". So that causes my "reset button" to be pressed instantly. 

I can't and will never leave a friend thinking negative for long or let that person leave negative because I always go back to that one but huge question.

What if that person died tomorrow?


  1. Wow! When I first started to read it I was like ya those are good point. But as I started to get further into it, it hit me. It true, the reality is what if you just had a fight and then you never talk to that person again? Thats a terrible way to end a relationship. But overall, I love this post. It was completely true and got me thinking.

    Sammie <3

    1. Im glad it got you thinking the aim was to keep the conversation going and keep the awareness up about whats going on around us!

      - The Creator

  2. Deep like the ocean.

  3. First of all, I am so glad you are writing again. Using this space again. Sharing again. I respect seasons. Honor timing. I understand the need for silence sometimes. Nevertheless, I am glad you are writing again.

    I am also glad that the conversation in class moved you, made you ask big questions, made you think. It was an important discussion, I think. And I hope that even if it will take time (like all things worth it do), that we are all pointed to the right direction. One full of love and compassion and acceptance.

    Anyway, the umbrella metaphor is real. A lot of people think this way and sometimes they just need a nudge to peer past the storm in their eyes to see the sun. That takes community, right?

    I also see that the reset button idea got to you. I learned that the hard way. I used to think everyone had the same stamina for a fight like me. But boy was I wrong. A lot of people don't recover or take long to recover. So I've learned to be kinder, softer, be more patient. Not everyone is as confrontational. Or as sensitive.

    Thanks for posting and sharing this (and emailing the link to me). Love being able to see you guys think aloud. And be brave enough to start/continue that conversation.

    Ms. P

  4. I agree with Ms. G that it is nice that you are here and sharing your ideas again. Thinking deeply is such an enriching act and to watch you think out loud and touch other people while you do it is great.

    Keep it up.