Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Saukerl, Pig Boy

Saukerl, The Pig Boy as he is called by Liesel. Rudy Steiner, the lemon-sunshine haired boy. Rudy is ten years old when he if first introduced. Rudy has very bony legs - "He has bony, legs, sharp teeth, gangly blue eyes, and hair the colour of lemon." pg. 48. Rudy is someone who doesn't think before doing something, even though he knows he will get into trouble, he will still do it and forget about the getting in trouble part. Sometimes he is thought to be crazy although thats mainly because of what was called the "Jesse Owens Incident". Jesse Owens is one of Rudy stars, a runner in the olympics. "It was 1936. The Olympics. Hitler's games. Jesse Owens had just completed the 4 X 100m relay and won his fourth gold medal. Talk that he was subhuman because he was lack and Hitler's refusal to shake his hand were touted around the world. Even the most racist Germans were amazed with the efforts of Owens, and the world of his feat slipped through the cracks. No one was more impressed than Rudy Steiner." pg. 56 Rudy decided to become Jesse Owens for a bit so he smeared charcoal on himself and began running around, that was till his dad saw him and told him off. He mentioned that if their was one thing that Nazi's hated the most it was Jews, as well as "Blacks".

From reading about Rudy I think that Rudy and Liesel are beginning to bond as friends also Death mentioned in the book that they will soon become friends. Rudy has tried to kiss Liesel by wining a bet but it ended up being a draw, and Liesel said it doesn't count. 

Rudy has been developing his character through out the book so far, I really want to know where it goes because at the moment I don't know enough to make any judgements on what will happen next.

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  1. Jesse Owens is an important person about whom you should read more about. He and others like Jackie Robinson and Harry Jerome achieved despite colour bars. I have an award named after Jerome. Good observations here but be sure to proof read carefully. Keep it up, your blogging.