Sunday, 13 October 2013

It's just algebra.

I usually don't understand math, but I guess I understand a bit of algebra. For example I know that when you are given an equation that is equal to x you find what x is. Sometimes it's easy to find, sometimes it's hard, sometimes you just skip the question and sometimes you use the answer sheet or ask for help. Two years ago in math we always had these sheets of algebra we had to do. Our teacher called them math pun sheets.  Basically the sheets had a bunch of algebra equations ranging from easy to hard, for every answer there were letters,  that in the end would make a pun or a so called joke. The funny part how bad the jokes were. 

I find this a great example for a bucket list. A bunch of goals or x's that together equal something. Life. Leaving anything that equals to x being the steps. Sometimes doing the steps are hard, sometimes they are easy, sometimes we just skip a step which can lead to not achieving the goal and sometimes we just need a little help achieving the goal. 

I mean how exactly are we going to know the steps to get somewhere if we don't know what x is, my dad sometimes says to achieve the highest possible then pick from all the options, but for some people like me that just isn't enough motivation. 

So I created a bucket list, somewhere I can write down goals that in the end will make up my life. Though I didn't write the steps, I still know them. So go on, create a bucket list, share it with me, who knows, we could achieve something together. Who knew math could teach us about goals and life. 

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